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No Legalized Gambling in Hawaii

No Legalized Gambling in Hawaii

Right now, there are only two states in the United States that do not allow any form of legalized gambling, and these are Utah and Hawaii. But it would seem like Hawaii is going to succumbed to the pressure as they have two casino proposals that are already being discussed and debated. If these push through, then it would leave only Utah as the sole state not allowing legalized gambling. However, luck is not on the side of the casinos as the proposal was dumped.

No to Casinos

It was on Wednesday evening that the proposal received a big no from the lawmakers, from the State House Finance Committee, in fact. The reason behind this was that majority of the public do not want casinos in their land, and, in fact, this became the deciding factor why the lawmakers decided against the casinos.

On an interview, Representative Marcus Oshiro, the House Finance Committee's Chairman, stated that, with what they were dealing with, he knew it was going to be a losing proposal and that there really was not enough to push through with it. He admitted that the right decision was to listen to the public and go with what the public wants, and that is to not allow the casinos from being erected.

A Fair Procedure

To be fair to everyone though, the two proposals of opening a casino went through numerous hearings from preliminary committees. This is to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to say what they want to say when it comes to casinos in Hawaii. Furthermore, this allows the lawmakers ample opportunity to fully study and examine this issue pertaining to casinos, especially its pros and cons. Sadly, they knew that it was going to be a losing battle in the end, especially since they know how tough it is going to get to pass a gambling bill.

It is going to be very tough indeed as there are various groups that are totally against the idea of putting up a casino in Hawaii. Among these are the social service providers as well as the religious groups. Others include the law enforcement body as well as the business tycoons and leaders of the area.

With many states in the US succumbing to the pressure of the recession by inviting and allowing casinos into their states, Hawaii has made a big decision by saying no, and the Hawaiians want it no other way.

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