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Whether you like it or not the mobile gambling industry is going to rock the existing online industry. New smart phones and tablet PCs all count as part of the "mobile revolution" that has already began to take shape in the last few years.

Mobile Casino Bonus

Technology and gambling have a rich history. Once the technology was there the first online casinos burst into the market scene in the early 1990s. Since then, an entirety of online gambling games including casino, poker, table games, sports betting and bingo have profited
Many experts in the industry (including the owner of one of the top mobile casinos sites) have predicted huge growth in the sector. Although mobile casino games have been around in their purest form since 2000, the limited graphics and connection speed of WAP cell phones limited their growth. This problem was alleviated however when a new generation of smart phones such as the iPhone 4 and Google Android operating system smacked their way into the mass consumer market.

Unlike older WAP phones, the type of smart phones that you'll currently find in 2011 and onwards have much higher quality graphics, bigger screens, and not to mention faster connection speeds. The ability to download "apps" means that you can actually download a bunch of casino games for your mobile within seconds. For instance, iPhone users can visit the Apple App Store to view more than 5 different types of mobile iPhone apps each with 10+ games included. The simple one-click installation far supersedes that of having to manually download games to your WAP phone through SMS.

Best Mobile Casino Platforms and Games

In 2011 there are currently around a dozen or so mobile casino operators. Some of these are obviously a lot bigger and well known then others. For example, All Slot's Mobile Casino is touted as one of the best, where as a pure mobile casino operator such as or mFortune doesn't quite have the same budget to market their games. I have no doubt however that in the future we'll be seeing many more pure mobile operators rather than just a mobile section that is "tagged" on to the coat tails of more modern online operators.

The most well known and impressive mobile software providers in my opinion are Spin3 and Playtech. Both of these skins power the biggest mobile casino brands such as Bet365 mobile, Paddy Power mobile, All Slots Mobile Casino, William Hill's mobile casino and others. However a number of other good mobile platforms include Neo Games, Slotland, IGT, inTouch Games, Play N Go and Alchemy Bet.

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