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Man Shot over his Sons Gambling Debt

Man Shot

Tony Demarco, a 64 year old father of two children found himself with quite a gambling problem which led to him having a gambling debt of more than one million pounds. Most of the gambling debts he incurred were at the Ladbrokes poker site. 37 year old Antony had found himself in the position of turning to loan sharks as a way to pull out of the bad financial situation his gambling had got him into. In turning to loan sharks, Anthony put himself and his entire family in the way of extreme danger. He would not know it at the time, but borrowing that money would soon be something he would regret and it would cost him dearly.

Antony couldn't keep up with the payments

It didn't take very long for Antony to fall behind on the payment arrangements he had made with the loan sharks and that is where the troubles would really begin. The loan sharks decided to show Antony how serious they were about getting their money back. The loan sharks made several threats to Antony and when they didn't get the response they wanted, which would have been getting their money back, they targeted Antony's 64 year old father, Tony. Tony was shot in the back of his head while he was outside of the Gala Maybury Casino on June 3rd, 2008. Luckily, he was able to survive the gunshot wound. Four men had been arrested in this shooting and they were sentenced to a combined total of 43 years in prison. Approximately one month after the shooting, Antony became involved in a fraud scheme for $1million.

New Updates in the Case

This week the court heard testimony that Tony was shot in the back of the head because of the gambling debt his 37 year old son had incurred. Had it not been for Antony turning to the loan sharks as a means of getting out of his debt, his father would never have been shot. Antony has filed bankruptcy, he currently goes to Gamblers Anonymous meetings, and he is awaiting sentencing on fraud charges.

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