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Man Arrested for Attacking Two Security Guards at Harrah's Casino

Under Arrest
Image above Courtesy of Curtis Perry

Man Arrested for Attacking Two Security Guards at Harrah's Casino

There was some action going on at an Atlantic City casino which had absolutely nothing to do with gambling. A man who was being taken out of the casino ended up attacking two security guards. This stirred up quite a bit of action which the patrons didn't expect to get when they headed out to enjoy some gambling and good times at the casino. The man accused of attacking the two security guards is Patrick Sunseri. He resides in Monmouth County. When the security guards went to escort him out of the casino he turned on them and attacked them.

He had initially been involved in a fight with a woman

Reports indicate that security guards were in the process of escorting the man out of the casino due to a fight that he was involved in with a woman. It was after the security guards began walking him out of the casino that he decided to attack the both of them. The man soon learned that it doesn't pay to attack security guards who are trying to escort you out of a casino. He was arrested by police and is now facing charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Man caused quite a bit of ruckus

Not only did the man make enough of a scene for the security guards to decide to escort him out of the casino, but he then went on to bring it up a notch. It is reported that the man became extremely violent and ended up causing the man himself, and the two security guards into crashing into a glass picture frame. One of the two security guards did need to seek medical attention after the attack. This security guard ended up needing five stitches for a wound he suffered during the battle with the man. The incident took place Sunday morning and the man now has an upcoming court date to look forward to which may have him serving some time in jail due to his behavior and the attack on the two security guards.

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