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Live betting is best described as placing wagers on an event as its happening. Whether that event is a sporting event, a boxing match or even a race; the popularity of betting on these as they happen is becoming more and more prevalent in many online betting sites. Live betting may also be referred to as in-play or in-running and you will find many sites today that offer these wagers when you sign up and make a deposit. Today, there are more places than ever to wager and place live bets; all you have to do is look around and find the best site that works for you.

There are a ton of strategy guides, hints and tips offered if you wish to use them to help you in your live betting experience, and even if you are brand new to the industry you will find that betting on a live event as it's going on isn't as hard as you may think. There is a huge selection of live betting resources online; such as, and it's best to use them to your advantage.

What is the Major Difference Between Traditional Betting and Live Betting?

Besides the obvious difference, the easy way to explain it is- When a player or customer is live betting, the odds are created in the moment, or on the fly as it's often referred to. This means that if during a live event something happens such as player injury, weather changes etc. it may change the odds as well. This is the huge difference between live betting and pre-match bets; pre-match wagers focus on the odds gradually adjusting while the live betting is more of an in the moment type of thing. If you love sports betting and you love live events, it only makes sense that the two are brought together for an incredible experience.

Do All Sportsbooks Offer Live Betting?

There are a huge number of sportsbooks online and most of them will offer the live betting option on their main live events. This is not always available and could prove to be a special event only wager at some books online. However, with so many betting opportunities and sites online you are bound to find a live betting option for just about anything going on in the sports world.

One question that many newcomers to wagering online may have is "Is Live Betting Legal?" The short answer to that question is "of course it is." Now it wasn't always that way, there was a time when the thought of betting on a game while it was in play was unheard of. As time went on and the betting options were expanded, live betting was introduced. Today there are more live bets offered than ever so it only makes sense for those who love to bet to give live betting a try.

Now that you are ready to give live betting a try the first step is to find a trustworthy book online to place your wagers. Take a look around and find one that works the best for you; with such a huge selection you will likely find one quickly.

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