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Las Vegas Unveils Exciting new Attraction


On April 20th Las Vegas received a new treat which should make a lot of people excited. The SkyJump Las Vegas was unveiled with the help of the mayor. Also, April 20th was declared official SkyJump Day in Las Vegas, Nevada. This skyjump is the tallest in the world and it is 855 feet tall. This means that people from around the world will have one more reason to visit Las Vegas. They will get to plumet toward the gorgeous and amazing Las Vegas Strip. This skyjump is expected to make an exciting hit and offer people even more reason to become so excited about visiting the strip.

What can people expect from the SkyJump Las Vegas?

This great skyjump is 855 feet tall and it provides a controlled freefall to the riders which is sure to give them a heck of an adrenaline rush. A person will need to be at least 14 years of age in order to experience the SkyJump Las Vegas.
The cost will be $99.99 per person, but it is expected to be well worth it. A rider will have to gear up by wearing a custom jump suit which will then be attached to the descending machine. Once they are ready to go, they will find themselves plummeting at a high speed toward the gorgeous Las Vegas Strip. They will have to leap from the platform and this can take some nerve.

What will this do for Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is no stranger to exciting attractions. However, the fact that they will now have the world's tallest skyjump will surely add to a person's interest to visit the area. Not only will those living within a day's drive want to visit this attraction, but it is expected to gather plenty of interest from thrill seekers worldwide. If they didn't have a reason to visit the Las Vegas area before, they sure have a reason to add it to their list of places to see now. The news about the SkyJump Las Vegas is expected to spread fast with those thrill seekers who are looking for a new rush.

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