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Kentucky Supreme Court Releases Domain Name Seizure decision

Supreme Court

Kentucky Supreme Court Releases Domain Name Seizure decision

The Kentucky Supreme court has released the decision on issuing seizure orders on domain names. It was announced that the Franklin Circuit Court had decided to uphold the states action of issuing a seizure order which would allow them to seize the names of 141 Internet gaming operators. The domains are all revolved around online gambling. Domain name registered owners took the case to the Court of Appeals and the court found in their favor. However, the state then went to the Supreme Court with the case. The case had been heard a few months ago.

Bad news for domain name owners

The court ruled against the involved domain name registered owners. The court also asked for the domain owners to step forward and appear. It has been stated that the court would consider looking into the merits of the case, so long as the domain owners give the court their identities. The court didn't give any merit to their decision except to say they could not consider the domain owners sides if they were not willing to identify themselves.
It was the court's opinion that the arguments could not be found to have merit unless there was a party in standing. With no party coming forward, the court felt it had no choice but to find against the domain owners.

Owners Given a Second Chance

The affected parties have been given a second chance to have their side be considered by the court. The court has given them 20 days to file a motion for reconsideration. However, they would have to come forward with their identities. The Supreme Court also stated that there would be no additional oral arguments or briefs needed. It is not yet known if the domain owners plan on stepping forward yet. So far the domain owners have managed to find ways of staying away. This may be due to fear of being brought up on subsequent charges by the state. However, if they decide they want to take the court up on its final offer for reconsideration, they will have to come forward with their identities.

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