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iPhone apps Launched by MGM Mirage

Image above courtesy of apple

There is some great news for those looking to enjoy and explore the Las Vegas attractions. They will be able to do so in a way much familiar to those who are used to playing at online casinos, or on other mobile gambling applications. The MGM Mirage has just launched five new and exciting iPhone applications that are expected to be huge hits. These great new applications are available for players to get through iTunes. There is a great reality application which is called Vegas Reality and it creates a unique experience by mixing a realistic style Vegas with a virtual one. This application will let people experience Vegas hotels and other attractions right n their iPhone. Another one of the applications is the Entertainment of Las Vegas App and it will show video previews, event calendars, show times, and much more. This is also great for those who like to enjoy online gaming.
It gives them an atmosphere much like the online casinos, but with an added feature, they get to check out Las Vegas.

What are some of the features of these applications?

Each of the applications will of course offer their own key features for the iPhone users to enjoy. However, just some of the features that are available on the Vegas Reality app include being able to feel as if they are actually strolling down the Las Vegas strip. Information will float by them on the screen as they make your way down the strip. They will also be able to jump from place to place and see what each of the different locations has to offer. This is a great way for anyone thinking about going to Vegas to get an idea ahead of time of everything they want to do while they are there. Another great thing about this application is the user will be able to do such things as book their hotel reservations and book flights with just one touch on their screen. Never before has it been so easy to plan a trip. Anyone who likes to play at online casinos, or enjoys mobile gaming will be comfortable with this application.

What can users expect to get out of these applications?

Anyone who is a fan of Las Vegas will be able to stay informed of current happenings taking place so they can be sure to not miss out. Not only will people out of the area be able to benefit from these applications, but residence will also find them very helpful. These applications are absolutely amazing and were an excellent idea, just the thing Las Vegas fans needed to be able to stay on top of everything going on in their favorite city.

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