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Huge Progressive Jackpot Won at Slotland


The progressive jackpot at Slotland had been growing for weeks and it made its way up to more than $163,000! Finally, one lucky player found themselves the winner of this amazing jackpot. A player who goes by the online name of YUKON was the lucky one to walk away with the jackpot. YUKON has been playing at the Slotland site for just over a year and managed to win this jackpot while enjoying one of the sites most popular and oldest online slot games. This slot machine was the Golden 8 slot machine. This progressive jackpot usually gets won by someone within 6 weeks. However it has gone since early February without a win this time. For weeks now players have been keeping their eyes on this jackpot just waiting for it to finally be won.

Online slots can produce extremely large jackpots

People who have never played an online slot machine generally assume that players aren't winning really large amounts of cash on them. They are wrong and in fact, there are many players out there who have won thousands of dollars by playing the online slot machines. Some players have even experienced wins so large that they were life changing wins. Online players get the convenience of playing slots whenever they want and having many chances to win big money right at their fingertips.

Slotland has a history of big jackpots being won by their players.

Just last year the Slotland casino paid out just under $800,000 to their players for progressive jackpot wins. The players at Slotland get all of the perks. They get to enjoy a large selection of online slot machines and get in on many chances to win large amounts of cash while they are having a great time. YUKON now knows just how big a win can be when you get lucky on one of those exciting progressive jackpot machines. This was quite a win for a player to walk away with and it goes to show those critics that there is a lot of money to be won online.

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