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How much Lobster is too much Lobster?


Well, when you're feeding more than 2,500 people, apparently more than 8,000 pounds would be too much. The Eagles Nest Restaurant which is located inside of the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino located in Wisconsin served more than 2,500 of their guests over four tons of lobster in just one single month. This is an absolutely huge amount of lobster and hard to believe that one establishment could dish out so much of it in just four weeks!

What caused the need or want for so much lobster?

The reason for the abundance of the lobster was March's Lobsterpalooza. This is what the month of March was termed to be at the resort casino. They made sure they did it right. There was an All– You– Can– Eat lobster special for their club members in which they could enjoy all they wanted for just $19.95. This special was run on each Wednesday of the week and the guests apparently took full advantage of it; who wouldn't?

How was the outcome?

Each Wednesday brought more than 2,500 guests to the restaurant in search of that great all– you– can– eat lobster. Another unbelievable yet interesting fact is that there was also more than 300 pounds of butter used; can you imagine 300 pounds of butter? Another thing that drew in many people was the fact that anyone who wasn't already a club member could sign up immediately and get in on all of the good eating. It's free for people to become members, so many people decided to get in on the action and take advantage of all of that lobster. The casino resort sure knows how to draw in a crowd. For anyone who missed out on the Lobsterpalooza there is some good news. They will want to make sure they don't miss out on the next great event which is also expected to be a big hit. There will be a $20 all– you– can– eat buffet for two which will start in April and run through 'til May. This event is also expected to draw in a considerably large gathering of guests.

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