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How to Choose Online Casinos Based on their Casino License

Casino License

The ultimate shame for an online casino player is to be swindled out if his/her playing money. This can happen in various ways and out of various reasons, but mostly by playing at casinos with fishy casino licenses. Or, maybe no license at all.

Here you can learn why it's important to always check a casino's license, and how to determine if it's a legitimate one. Even if you are looking for the Best Online Bookmaker, a license is a must. You can only use them for Sports News Odds Scores and Stats, but nothing more than that without a license.
There are many factors to consider when you are looking for a valid license. Those operators without a valid license can be usually found on blacklisted and rogue casino lists, so it's useful to consider finding such lists. With a little googling, you will easily find a dozen in a heartbeat.

What Are Licenses For

A license regulates the behavior of an operator. Without a license, there would be no rules and standards to follow, which creates anarchy. There would be no player protection, no fair play, and everything would go back to the wild west.

When you are inspecting an online casino, you can find out whether the casino is licensed somewhere and where it acquired its license. In most of the cases, casinos post their licenses at the bottom of their websites through hyperlinks inserted in the emblems of the licensing jurisdictions where they are licensed. Click on the link and inspect the copy of the license at hand. You will find out who issued it and details that prove its legitimacy.

Good Licensing Jurisdictions

Those that are considered good licensing jurisdictions are very strict when it comes to the standards and rules that need to be followed. Operators that have been licensed by a reputable licensing jurisdiction immediately increase their reputation. If a casino deviates from the standards set out in the license, its license is revoked.

The following among several are good licensing jurisdictions:
  • Alderney - one of the best licensing authorities when it comes to casino gaming.
  • Gibraltar - the biggest names in the online casino industry are licensed here.
  • Isle of Man - respected and reputable licensing jurisdiction.
  • Malta - popular licensing jurisdiction for many great Microgaming casinos
  • Curacao and other.

Bad Licensing Jurisdictions

Jurisdictions like Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica or Belize and other have shown lack of interest in overseeing the operators that they have licensed. Many rogue casinos come from these and other obscure jurisdictions with very low reputation.

Besides being the first licensing jurisdiction for online casinos, Antigua and Barbuda have very superficial and loose rules. Costa Rica for example has shown zero responsibility for the actions of the operators licensed there. Besides the interest shown in taking the fees for their license, they are totally ignorant towards anything more than that. Their concern ends when the license has been paid for. So, watch out for these and other, and save yourself from a world of troubles.

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