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Gambling Train is a Possibility for Missouri

Gambling Train

One of the 15 casino proposals in Missouri includes an interesting one. There would be a train which would also act as a casino. The coaches would be fully equipped just like a casino and the coach would travel right behind the Amtrak train. The route for the casino train would be St. Louis to Kansas City. This train would makes eight stops between its destinations. This would undoubtedly cause many benefits for Amtrak and would increase the tourism. No word has been heard from Amtrak yet regarding their thoughts on this proposal other than to say it would be do– able. However, Amtrak has been known to haul private coaches.

What prompted this proposal?

This proposal came from Ginger Harris. She said she had heard of the idea for the casino train years ago when one of her friends had mentioned it to her. She figured now would be the perfect time for her to share this idea with others. Harris has also said she would like to see the revenue from this casino generate benefits for those cities along the route; this would be one more major benefit to implementing a casino train.

A casino train would help to boost the travel and tourism industry

The implementation of this casino train would help to provide an economic boost to the hospitality industry in Missouri which could really help with the recent economy. In fact, this casino train could help boost the travel industry in as many as ten different cities. This would serve as a major benefit and may make this casino train be the proposal which will be accepted and put into place. A casino train would provide travelers with a lot of excitement as they are making their way to their destination. Also, there will be many who choose to ride on the casino train in order to gamble, or just to experience this unique opportunity. A casino train would definitely be a creative travel option and it would gather a lot of attention from both travelers and gamblers.

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