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French Roulette

French Roulette

Roulette first began a few decades ago, and the word roulette comes from the French word for small wheel. The French have been playing roulette for years and now the game is more popular than ever in land based casinos and online. This game is universal and is popular in many countries, including the UK, USA and France. Let's take a look on how it all began.
There are several legends when it comes to the origin of Roulette, and one of them has something to do with Blaise Pascal trying to figure out perpetual motion. His friends recommended that the wheel he created for his experiment be used for gambling, and that's how history was made. Or was it? There is another legend that Francois Blanc, the founder of the very first casino in Monte Carlo, sold his soul to the devil for the secret behind roulette, what is strange about this story is that the numbers on the roulette wheel, when combined have a total of 666; creepy, but true. Roulette first was played in 1765 in Paris, and in 1865 French immigrants brought the game to the states. Since then, the game has grown in popularity and is the number one game of chance played for real money by players all over the world.

Urban legends aside, roulette is the most recognized casino game of all time, and today there are many variations of the classic game online and in land based French roulette casinos. The truth is, no matter where you go; you will find a version of Roulette to play, it's an international casino game and there is no sign of the trend slowing down. What's so great about roulette? It's simple really. The game is super easy to play, and if lucky; super profitable.

At first glance, the game may seem intimidating, however; the more you learn about the betting options and the concept of the game, the easier it is to get into the action. The first step is to place the bet, and once you find a betting option that works best for you, it's usually a good idea to stick with it for a while. After you place your wager, the wheel spins until the ball falls into a numbered and coloured pocket. If the numbers or colours correspond with your bets, you win and you collect your winnings. There isn't a lot of skill involved, just a bit of strategy is what works the best. French roulette is much like European roulette with a few slight differences, so reading guides to the game before playing for real money may be ideal, especially for new players.

Finding online casinos, land casinos or French roulette casinos can be easier than one might thing. Visit to find all you need to get started in finding a casino online that offers the French version of roulette and you never know; it may become your new way to play this classic game.

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