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Faust Slot Game

Faust Slot Game

Inspired from a German legend, Faust is a scholar that got bored with life and he has decided to give his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and pleasures. All this has been transposed in a very delightful slot game called Faust Slot. A pretty popular slot game actually, made by Novomatic and it is available to mobile devices too.

Symbols and Payout

The story of Faust is told in the slot game by making symbols that represent elements from the story. The visuals are made in such a way, to inspire the story to you and I think the color palette is definitely well chosen.

Some of the symbols you can find in the game are the tools used by the scholar in the laboratory which can grant you some smaller rewards if you manage to win with any of them. Some of the tools are weighing scales and bottles. The other symbols are Faust, Gretchen (Fausts love) and Mephisto (the devil himself). If you can manage to have 5 Faust symbols on a single payline, you can get 5000 times your placed bet.

Mephisto is the wild symbol, meaning that it can replace any of the other symbols in order to get a win. If you lane three or more on a single payline, you can receive a reward between 2 and 200 times your placed total bet. Also, you will get the Free Games feature.

Free Spins

So if you have 3 Mephisto symbols, you get 10 free spins and you will also get a special expanding symbol that will be chosen at random before you start using the free spins. This special symbol can expand up to 3 positions.

Some Tips

The best moment to win some good money is when you have the free spins, so choose wisely how you want to use them. Getting 10 free spins can change the entire course of the game. So you should try and do your bets in order to receive those extra free spins.


In the end, this is quite an enjoyable slot game and I think it worth to invest some of your time and money into it. All Novomatic games are worthy of your time probably, because they are made with carefulness. Hope this article has helped you and if you want to try the Faust Slot game for yourself, don't hesitate.

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