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Don't believe in beginner's luck? Here are 7 sure-fire ways to make your own fortune


The global belief in what's known as "beginner's luck" - or the idea that newbies are more likely to win or be good at a game than seasoned professionals - has a strong foothold in gambling. While this oddity often turns out to be true, we're still not sure exactly why. Some people think that it has to do with pressure, and the way that novices vs. experts feel and act on it.

That is, experts feel more pressure to perform well, ultimately winning, while beginners in a game are less likely to emotionally complicate the matter.

There are also those who don't believe in beginner's luck, however, and it is to these people that this article is directed. So, if you don't believe in destiny or myth and are looking to make your own luck, you need to seek games with healthier odds. Online casino reviews, like those provided at, can be helpful to beginners wanting to get a better insight into the casino gaming world.

Higher and more frequent payouts mean you're much less likely to lose big. What follows are some games that can offer you exactly that. First, however, let's define house edge and return-to-player (RTP).

House edge and RTP

In many ways, house edge and RTP are at opposite ends of the same spectrum. House edge refers to the cut of all money gambled that the casino will keep, while RTP means how much money the gambler can expect to win back.

House edge and RTP, which belong on the same scale, have percentages that make 100%. For example, if a casino's house edge is 2%, the RTP at that establishment will be 98%.

These kinds of statistics - a low house edge and a high RTP - make for the best odds. Which brings us on to the best games for making your own luck.

1. European roulette

This game is an excellent place to start for the fortune-seeker who doubts the merit of beginner's luck. European roulette has an RTP of 97.3% (meaning that house edge for this game is typically 2.7%), offering players a fair opportunity to win back their money. Whenever it's possible, try to opt for this variant of the game over American roulette; its RTP stands at 94.8%, so a little lower.

This is due to the fact that European roulette has 37 slots on the wheel, made up of 36 with numbers and one 0, while American roulette an extra one numbered 00. The one additional slot means a slightly lower chance of winning.

2. Slots

Whereas games such as European and American roulette offer fairly stable odds across the board, slot games vary from game to game and across establishments. Therefore, although they have made this list, you'll need to do your research; not all of them offer valuable odds to the player.

For the most part, betting on as many lines as possible seems to be a dependable method to win back some of your money.

This is a good idea for more reason than one, however; betting in this way will also qualify you to win the slot's progressive jackpot (if it does offer one, of course).

3. Pai gow poker

This game differs from regular poker in that pai gow requires players to compete not with the hands of others at the table, but with those of the dealer instead. For this reason it can be quite tricky to get the hang of, but once you get going, pai gow offers a very high RTP of 98.5%.

Combine this statistic with a strategy that works for you, and your chance of winning is likely to skyrocket.

4. Baccarat

Much like pai gow poker, baccarat will have you comparing your hand with the dealer's. This means that there are only really three possible gameplay outcomes: you win, the dealer wins, or there is a draw.

As is the case for slots, baccarat's RTP can vary. That being said, it's typically at around 99% - which is very reasonable. Betting on the dealer's hand to win is thought to provide the highest odds.

The best thing about baccarat is that due to its lack of affinity with strategy and decision-making, it's great for beginners.

5. Video poker

For beginners, video poker is a magnificent game with very impressive odds. With an RTP of around 99%, the opportunity for gamblers to win back a fair amount of their cash is good.

Combine this with strategy and a good working knowledge of the game, and your chances of winning will climb even higher.

6. Craps

Craps is one of the best-loved games in all of gambling. Particularly popular at land-based casinos, craps is very social and is likely to attract many people. However, this can also make it somewhat intimidating for new players.

But once you've been able to move past this, it's highly fun and easy to grasp. The RTP rate for craps can be as high as 100%, so it's definitely worth hitting the table.

7. Blackjack

Blackjack is a game with many advantages: it's easy for beginners to understand; it involves using very little strategy; and it offers wonderful odds. These are 99% and can even be higher, depending on the casino. Such an RTP is thought to be the highest of all casino games.

Another appeal of the game is that you're only playing against the dealer, which means that you don't have to develop a special strategy to try to outwit other - often more professional - players to be in with a chance of winning big.
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