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December Snowstorm Affected Borgata Hotel Casino

December Snow affects Borgata Casino

It seems like the recession was not the only thing that made a huge negative impact on the revenue of Borgata Hotel Casino as the December snowstorm created its own mess. It left the casino hotel at a deficit of five million dollars. The snowstorms have not only affected the lives and households of millions of people but it has also created major financial losses in the coffers of many businesses, most especially, in the coffers of the casino industry.

Chilly Revenues

According to The Press of Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino reported a loss of more than five million dollars in profits during the succeeding snowstorms that hit the end of the year 2008.
Many people say that those snowstorms were some of the worst snowstorms that had happened after a number of years, and it seems that it is far from over as weather news and reports claim that there will be more snow. With more of this ugly weather, Borgata Hotel Casino admits that they are not looking forward to a good first quarter as their financial report will continue to show a decline. In fact, Borgata Hotel Casino's revenue is expected to drop another five million dollars for the first quarter alone due to the heavy snowfalls that have been recorded this season.

Stiffer Competition, More Problems for Borgata Hotel Casino

Bad weather conditions, it seems, are not the only thing that Borgata Hotel Casino has to worry about. Nearby Pennsylvania is going to introduce table games in their casinos this year, and this will definitely mean a stiffer competition for a good share of the target market. One other thing that raises the concern of Borgata Hotel Casino is the possibility of adding more VLTs in Meadowlands racetrack, which is situated in Northern New Jersey. This means, yet again, more competition for Atlantic City, one that Borgata Hotel Casino is dreading. If and when these two events take place, this will definitely mean an end to the monopoly that Atlantic City has when it comes to the casino industry in their area.

A Silver Lining

Although this is not what Borgata Hotel Casino wants to happen, the operators of this luxury casino– hotel is confident that they are well positioned to meet this challenge. In fact, they are more than confident that business will resume as usual, especially once the economy has recuperated from the devastating effects of the recession.

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