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Casino Robberies are Pushing Players towards Online Casinos

Casino Robberies are Pushing Players towards Online Casinos

Ever since online casinos were introduced in the previous decade, people were already caught up in the brick– and– mortar vs. online casinos debate. There are many sides to this debate, both sides raising more than valid points. However, just recently, one of the reasons why online casinos might just be better was given more validity. The Florida Casino Robbery that happened just a few weeks ago is causing an unprecedented decline in people going to the brick– and– mortar casinos, opting instead to gamble online, safe in the confines of their own homes.

The Florida Casino Robbery

Almost a month ago, on January 29, 2010, the people were just minding their own business, enjoying the bustling atmosphere of the Seminole Coconut Casino in South Florida when a man suddenly brandished his gun and demanded that the casino hand him some money. Panic ensued almost immediately, having been caught unaware by the criminal. That man was Dominic Zibuda.

Oddly, he did not make any attempt to hide his identity. It was almost as if he did it impulsively, without giving any thought to his actions at all. Still, he was able to escape with thousands of dollars in tow. It almost seemed like he was successful in escaping until a few days after the incident when an anonymous tip clued the police in on his location. In the attempt to capture Zibuda, a frightening standoff occurred. Zibuda, like a cornered animal, did not hesitate to shoot at the police. However, when he saw that there would be no escaping, he directed his gun at himself and committed suicide. It was quite a shocking turn of events, and the ending was rather tragic. However, the ramifications of this event go much further. The casino industry is being affected in a way that could be described as positive or negative, depending on your viewpoint.

More Customers for the Online Casinos

Because of that terrifying incident, people have been forcefully reminded of the safety they risk when they enter a casino. Those who were able to witness the robbery were in shock, as if they were all suddenly reminded of their mortality. Nobody was injured during the robbery itself, but it would have just been so easy for Zibuda to fire a few shots and potentially kill somebody. As such, the incident left a deep mark on the people. The casinos in South Florida have all been experiencing a steady decline in revenue because a lot of people simply refused to return to casinos after that. People were opting to stay in their homes and play at the online casinos so that their sense of security would be improved. Still, the casinos in Florida are working hard to make their situations favorable for the people, so maybe when they see the improvements, business will resume as usual.

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