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Casino MonteLago Slated to Close this March 14

Casino MonteLago Slated to Close this March 14

It seems as if the recession is really taking its toll on the Gambling Industry as another Casino was announced to be slated for closing. Last week, it was just announced that the Ritz– Carlton at Lake Las Vegas would be closing, and now it's Casino MonteLago which is set to close this March 14.

Another One Bites the Dust

"Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen must be the theme song of the casinos in Lake Las Vegas right now as two of its big casinos have gone down in just the span of two weeks. One can almost hear the catchy tune playing in the background as the demolition team comes with their wrecking balls. Alright, insensitively dark humor aside, the closing of this casino truly isn't a laughing matter, especially for those who live in the area. The immediate effect of the closing would be the inevitable loss of jobs. The workers at Casino MonteLago will have to look for work elsewhere as their current source of livelihood is just about to disappear. They're practically going down the same route as the employees of the Ritz– Carlton. Currently, there are 177 employees in Casino MonteLago and all of them will join the ever– growing army of job– hunters this March 14.

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It's a big tragedy, really, and not only for the employees, but for the other residents of Lake Las Vegas as well. Businesses that have been built around these casinos, such as housing, restaurants, and basically all of the other businesses that the casinos helped to grow, will all suffer because of this new development. Property value will also lessen considerably which makes property owners some of the biggest losers. But really, almost everyone will lose because of the closing.

Not for Lack of Trying

However, one should never say that the casino is closing because the owners did not try hard enough. In fact, they were in the middle of some negotiations with investors who could help keep Casino MonteLago in operation. However, all the chances of finding a good investor flew out of the window when the Ritz– Carlton announced its imminent closure. They practically walked away when they learned about the Ritz– Carlton's fate.
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