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Casino Closes Down in the Aftermath of Quake

Monticello Casino
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When a quake has just devastated the city and placed many people's lives in jeopardy, going to the casinos to 'live large' is probably the last thing that runs through people's minds. So, nobody was really surprised when Sun International announced that they have closed down the Monticello Casino in Santiago, Chile.

A Devastating Quake

It was probably one of the most horrifying quakes in history. Measuring a terrible 8.8 on the Richter Scale, the recent quake left Chile on its knees in a matter of minutes.

Hundreds of people were killed, and even more were injured. A lot of people were also left homeless. All in all, more than 2 million people were affected by the quake in Chile alone. The costs on the economy are said to be unimaginable, with several buildings collapsing during the incident. What's more, the quake was followed by several aftershocks, some of them as strong as 4 on the richter scale, further compounding any damage that was still waiting to be rectified. As if that wasn't enough, the quake also triggered a Tsunami that wracked the coasts of the South Pacific. Some small countries were hit by the monster wave, causing massive damages. Chile, however, was the one that suffered the brunt of nature's wrath. Everyone in the city was affected, even the big businesses like Sun International's Monticello Casino.

The Casino

The quake left huge damages in the city's buildings, making cracks and other such aberrations even in the strongest concrete behemoths. The Monticello Casino was one of those that sustained damage during the quake; damage that, according to David Coutts-Trotter, Sun International's CEO, could be considered as significant. True enough, the casino and the retail complex sustained heavy damage. The convention center and some of the administration areas were also affected. The damage sustained by the casino was due partly to the quake and partly due to the sprinkler system that went off when the quake hit Chile. It was fortunate, however, that only five people in the casino were injured. These people are now receiving medical attention. The casino is set to remain closed for the foreseeable future until the damage is properly assessed and all the remedial works are completed. Hopefully, the casino will bounce back quickly after this quake, as the city will need all the help it can get in raising its revenue after the disaster.

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