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Can Online Casino Rig The Games

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Just as sure as land-based casinos can rig the games so can online casinos. Yes, there are international auditors who randomly check the games for fairness but if someone really wanted they could do it. If they just want to be in business for a few months or even weeks.

Imagine going to the casino every day with $300 and coming back with absolutely nothing. By the end of the month, you are down nearly $10,000. Would you go back to that casino? Or even recommend a friend to that casino? Probably you would recommend people to stay away from the casino.

Then picture a situation where you go to the best online casino every day with $300 but return with $285. It really does not feel like you lost. Rather it is a fair price to pay for real money gambling. By the end of the month, the casino has made only $450 from you but you will be inviting everyone to come play there.

The reason you will become a voluntary poster boy for the casino is that actual statistical expression is never as perfect as the figures. This means you can have a winning streak where you are winning twice or even 3 times your daily gambling limit. These will be countered by those slower days where you lose half or more than half your gambling allocation. But winning big prizes makes all those memories of losing fade away.

If They Could They Would Rig the Games to Give More

Because online casinos are not restricted by space the more the players at the casino the more money they make. Everyone knows that gamblers love to play at casinos where they win. So internet casino games are set to pay out more.

Where the authorities regulating fair competition place restrictions on further improving the players edge the internet casinos resort to giving bonuses. You can visit to see which Australian casinos are legit. The sign-up bonuses at the top casinos are more than 100% the amount you deposit. Online casinos really want you to continue playing so they are not going to be robbing you anytime soon.

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