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Bewinners Gone Rogue – Affiliates Unite!


Affiliates are more than bewildered by the terms listed for the bewinners affiliate program. In fact, they are enraged by what can only be described as a clear cut case of theft. The oddest part of all of this is the fact that the bewinners affiliate program makes no excuses and clearly defines all the various ways it plans on stealing from its affiliates. The terms are very clear on each method of theft the program plans on implementing. It's not often that a corporation is so honest when it comes to its deliberate unethical behavior. One may think bewinners gives little to no credit to its affiliates when it comes to them having reading comprehension.

There are a few different sections of the terms which will be of much interest to the affiliates. One of the most ridiculous areas affiliates will want to learn about is how the bewinners predatory affiliate program plans on lowering the commission to 5% three years from the date the players make their first deposit. This decrease in commission will also be applied retroactively, going back to all players who have been a member of Bwin since October of 2007. This is a clear cut case of theft. The fact that it goes back retroactively shows a huge breach of trust and a direct case of theft.

Another point of interest within the terms that affiliates will want to pay close attention to is the part which states that the players who do not deposit funds within 90 days will be removed from the affiliates and revert to bewinners. There is no reason why the players should be removed from the affiliates and given to bewinners due to the number of days it takes them to make their first deposit. The only reason why this would be a factor is the bewinners predatory affiliate program is simply looking for one more way in which they can steal from their affiliates.

Affiliates will also be interested in knowing that their contract with the bewinners predatory affiliate program will be terminated should three consecutive months go by in which they do not bring in any new paying actives. This is one more way in which the bewinners predatory affiliate program has found a creative way to steal from its affiliates. There is no reasonable reason why the affiliate should have their contract terminated due to three months of no new paying actives. The only reason for this is so bewinners can directly steal from that affiliate.

The Internet affiliate forums are loaded with affiliates who are absolutely outraged by the terms of the bewinners predatory affiliate program. Sites such as Affiliate Guard Dog, Poker Affiliate Listings, GPWA, Casino Affiliate Programs, Aff Aid, GAU, and many others are full of very angry affiliates who are extremely upset by the terms of the bewinners predatory affiliate program and just how wrong they are. The affiliates on these sites are united and come together in their disgust at the ridiculous terms. In fact, their own Facebook is also flooded with affiliates asking them to stop their terms.

The bewinners predatory affiliate program has done nothing more than show the affiliates just how irrelevant the program feels they are to them. Since more and more of the affiliates are turning away from the program, bewinners may get to see what an important part the affiliates actually play in their success. Of course, by the time this happens, it may be too late as the bewinners predatory affiliate program has shown its true colors and is earning a very bad name for itself within the industry.

Any affiliate who is looking for a good program will want to run from the bewinners predatory affiliate program and stay as far away from it as possible. They won't be alone, there are many affiliates who are already absolutely disguised and appalled by the terms of the bewinners affiliate program and the numbers can be expected to continue rising. Bewinners has put a very bad taste in the mouths of affiliates everywhere and the number of negative threads on the affiliate forums is shocking. If bewinners was looking for a way to chase away affiliates and earn a very bad reputation, they sure found it.

If you are wondering why we here at Casino Articles Online are still promoting them, that is a good question, but that would entail a much longer history and discussion. Should you be interested in knowing why please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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