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Bonus Slots by Microgaming

The players who prefer playing slots games at the online casinos powered by Microgaming will find a lot of bonuses there. These bonuses are really great and gainful too. The players who are familiar with them will prove it. Some of the bonuses can be won if a player hits three certain symbols or more. This is how the players get the bonuses most of all. And those of them who can do it will receive some money gift. But the sum of the win depends on a player's luck. There is a chance to win the maximum possible prize which can be up to millions of dollars! Just imagine yourself winning all this money! Still, there is usually more than 1 bonus offered by slots machines. Because the developers of slots games are doing their best to give the games they create a many great features as possible. And all for the players' benefit and joy.
Free spins

The Free Spins Feature is something you will find in most slot games created by microgaming casino. All one needs to do is to get a certain number of necessary symbols. Usually these are 3 Scatter symbols. So if they appear on the reels in any combination the Free Spins will be triggered. For example, a player wins fifteen Free Spins and this will be it. However a lot of casinos today offer the players to try their luck choosing the Free Spins that have multipliers. And this is where the players can just on their intuition and get as much as possible. When playing the Free Spins Feature players will spin the reels, accumulate the coins and win more prizes (if they get lucky of course). For instance it is possible to activate more Free Spins in case the bonus terms of the game allow it. Also the players can get the Expanding Wild which will assist them in winning. The point is that we can go on enumerating these options for a really long time. So just try playing Free Spins slots and feel all the advantages on your own experience. The Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature is the true pride of Microgaming company because it attracts a lot of online casino players all over the world. And there is a reason for that. This feature is rather easy to win and the gamblers take advantage of that. All what is needed is to hit the winning combinations when playing the main game and get the Gamble Feature! Actually the players will choose the suit or the color of the card when playing Gamble Feature. And in case one chooses the correct suit he can get a 4x multiplier of all his wins. While in case he chooses the right color, his wins will be doubled. So as a rule you will find these combinations of wins in the slots games, although there can be variations certainly.
The slot machines that were developed recently will offer you one more Gamble Feature. This one has nothing to do with cards. Instead what needs to be done is to fix the losing and winning zones on the globe and then spin. The player wins in case the needle will stop at the green area. But if it does not, the player loses everything and will return to the game. There is the Bank option in the Gamble Feature too. When using it one can save the half of what he has on before. Also you can simply collect the money any second you want.

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