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Bodog is no doubt one the oldest and most trusted names in US sports betting, but quite honestly - most of us in the UK are barely familiar with them. The reason I'm bring this up is because the other day I was reading a Sports Betting Sites article by pokerprop where he predicted "Bodog Will Become a UK Powerhouse Brand" [Ref]. It's a well written article, he makes some great points, and includes a ton of information I found fascinating, but I can't help but disagree with him.

The reason Bodog became so popular is because sports betting is illegal in the US, and they managed to service the US market better than most the rest. In The US player trust is a HUGE thing. In the UK however, we have betting shops all over the place. We can get bet live at football matches; those of us in the city can take a stroll to one of the several betting shops in walking distance. I mean William Hill and Ladbrokes must have over 1,000 betting shops each in the London vicinity alone. These bookmakers are traded on the London Stock Exchange, and more importantly... they are highly visible. We saw them as small children before we even so much knew what the brands represented.

If Bodog actually wants to get a leg up in the UK market, they're going to need to offer something highly unique. In case you missed it, Bingo is more popular than poker here. Every single serious UK bookmaker offers sports betting, bingo, casino, poker, financial betting, horse racing and virtual games from a single site. Bodog offers us what? A casino with less functionality than the competitors, a limited In-Play betting interface with much room for needed for improvement, and a standalone poker that lacks liquidly when compared to William Hill on iPoker, Ladbrokes on Microgaming, and Betfair on Ongame. I'm sorry Bodog, while we love our footie here in England you guys are nowhere close to competing. In fact it's highly American like to think "all we need to do is ride our reputation from the US over to the UK, sponsor a club in the Premier League and rake in the profits".

To start, Bodog should urgently consider adding horse racing with live streams to their website. Next, get broadcast rights for tennis matches around the world. Bring us some other less popular matches as well; Asian woman's volleyball streams are fun. Next you desperately need to address the casino. Live dealer games, games with less house advantage, movie themed slots, and scratch cards are all required. Next wake up and add Bingo. Mrs. Bettor doesn't have any issue with betting the tracks when we let her play bingo with a cut of our pulls. If you add all this and manage to perfect it, maybe and just maybe you're now up to par with the UK market. You're still at the disadvantage that all of us have your competitors drilled down into our inner being, so to pull it off fully - you're really going to need to phone us something very unique.

So while I enjoyed reading Jim's article - I must say, at this time Bodog is nowhere close. If you're from the UK and looking for a great site to wager with that offers everything you'll ever need, consider or As of now Bodog greatly lacks UK appeal.

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