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Another Casino Robbery Takes Place at Gunpoint


Casinos have been seeing their share of robberies lately. There have been quite a few robberies which have taken place in the land based casinos and they have been quite threatening in nature. There has been another robbery to add to that growing list. This time, it was a woman who robbed the Black Diamond Casino by gunpoint. The robbery took place on July 4th and the woman entered the casino with a handgun. An amazing part to this story is the woman had the handgun wrestled away from her by one of the casino employees.

Suspect fled the scene of the crime

The suspect had fled from the scene of the robbery and she was apprehended later. She is now facing charges of first degree armed robbery. The suspects name is Annie Lund and she is suspected of entering the casino with the handgun and then demanding money from one of the casinos employees. She was apprehended right before 1:00 pm on Sunday by the State Troopers. Apparently when the employee took possession of the handgun, Lund ran to a parking lot and was not seen again until she was arrested.

Recent robberies may lead players to consider online gambling more than ever

More players each day are finding out about all of the benefits of playing at an online casino and the recent robberies may lead to more players turning to the online casinos. This recent rash of casino robberies has some people worried about going to them and this can bring those players to look for other means of gambling. Online casinos can provide those players with the ability to gamble in an environment they feel much more secure about being in since they can do it right from their own home.

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