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Another Casino robbery takes Place

Casino Robbery

It seems that there have been more and more robberies taking place in the casinos. There have been quite a few robberies occurring during tournaments and other gambling events. There was also an incident where a man was shot at a casino. Now, there has been one more robbery to add to the list. It seems as if these casinos and gambling events have become somewhat easy targets and it has become more obvious that something needs to change so participants and patrons can feel safe while they are enjoying their gambling and not have to worry about being held at gunpoint and robbed.

The latest robbery

This latest robbery occurred last Sunday and the police are using various surveillance videos from the casino in an attempt to find the men.
There were three men who took place in the robbery. The robbery took place at the Lady Luck casino which is located in San Diego, California. The police have said that there was one shot fired into the ceiling of the casino during the robbery. This shook up the employees as one would expect. The robbers wore masks and carried guns. One of the guns was described as possibly being an AK 47. Eight people were inside of the casino when the robbery took place. Since the casino had just opened there was nothing there for the robbers to take and they ended up leaving empty handed.

This may not be their first robbery

The description of the three robbers also matches the description of three men that had recently robbed a credit union which is located in Miramar on Saturday, just one day before the casino robbery. The police are currently checking into the two cases to see if there are any similarities between the two robberies. With all of the recent robberies at the casinos there is a definite need for something to change. The casinos need to look into ways of protecting their employees and their patrons so they can protect them from this type of thing taking place in the future.

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