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Ace Live Casino Software Review

Visionary Igaming

Ace Live Casino are running on the Visionary Igaming platform which is one of the leaders in the live casino sphere. The Visionary platform white labels parts of its software to some of the largest casinos on the web and its live steams are used on multiple platforms. The only real downside to the platform is that it is Costa Rican based, however with the providers applying for a white listed gaming licence this shouldn't be an issue for too long.

The Live Casino Connection Quality

The steaming is efficient and most internet connections should have no problems with it, however one of the main selling points of the software is the fact that people can steam and play multiple live casino games at the same time, the problem is that this requires some serious bandwidth. But, if you want to spin some slots while you wait for a croupier to set up then you should be fine.


Well in all honesty this software is so simple a monkey could use it, and not one that was particularly clever, everything seems to have been designed so you can use it intuitively, but just in case you are struggling there is a handy walkthrough available should it be necessary.

The Live Dealers

Well this has got to be one of the best offerings that this casino has; the stunning Costa Rican models are certainly a nice touch. They are all very competent English speakers so there is no need to worry about that. They do also offer a live Irish roulette feed in case you'd rather the steaming was from somewhere a little closer to home.

Non Live Games

The casino does have a pretty solid offering of games which are not live, whilst it doesn't have an amount to shout home about the slots, video poker and other games are more than adequate and if you don't fancy playing the live games there is plenty to do, but obviously Ace Live is primarily a live casino and due to this is not focused on this sector, probably a solid 3 out of 5 when it comes to this section of the software and casino.


In conclusion Ace Live Online Casino is well worth checking out if you're into Live Casino Games and even if you're more of a traditional online casino player there is something for you and with the casino having only just launched you can be sure that more and more is going to be added to it in the coming months. Simple fact of the matter is that Ace Live casino is shaping up to be getting better and better.

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