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A man received an 18 month sentence for planning to fraud a casino chain

18 month sentence

There have been a lot of people robbing casinos in recent months. However, a 20 year old man has received an 18 month jail sentence for his plan to fraud the Gala casino chain. He had the entire plan all set up. This man is 20 year old Augustin Dago and he knew just how he wanted things to go. In fact, he had quite a plan set up and ready to go. He had even made contact with many chip manufacturers who where located around the globe and inquired about them making chips for him. He went so far as to send these companies pictures of the types of chips he wanted.

How he got caught

Dago made the mistake of contacting the wrong chip manufacturer who immediately recognized the chip he was trying to order and knew that it was the Gala casino chains chip. This person then reported Dago to the proper authorities. Dago was then arrested on fraud charges and he has been sentenced to serve 18 months on those charges. A search of his house showed just how much planning Dago had put into this scheme to fraud the Gala Casino chain.

How much planning had he done?

Not only had Dago made contact with the chip manufacturers and even sent off the photos of the chips he wanted, but he had covered many other bases already as well. Dago already had a driver's license which was in a false name and he had used that falsified driver's license to open several bank accounts which were also opened under that false name. Also, he used that same false driver's license to become a member at two Gala casinos. It seemed as if he had it all worked out. The one thing that he hadn't planned on was the fact that someone may recognize the chip and report him. It's a good thing the chip manufacturer recognized the chip and acted quickly, reporting him to the proper authorities right away. Otherwise, he may have got away with it.

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