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Players are no longer confined to land-based casinos or a lonely pub corner with a tired old fruity. They're jumping at the chance to play right from the comfort of home, with more reels, more pay-lines, and more features, than they could have ever previously imagined. That was a whole two decades ago now (we know, where does the time go?) and since then, the online casino world has continued to progress at an astonishing rate. And don't worry - it's showing no signs of slowing down. Advancements in technology, faster internet speeds, and a whole new generation of tech-savvy players are shaping an exciting future for gambling.
We're going all clairvoyant to take a peek at what that future could one day look like. . .

Big up the fun: a rise in skill-based slots

The humble slot machine used to be a test of pure luck. Gamblers keen to bag a win placed a bet amount, crossed their fingers, and let the mechanical reels do the rest.

Whilst the earliest video slots didn't shake up this format too dramatically, the move online began a steady shift towards more skill-based elements in slot play - a trend which has really risen in recent years. The success of more interactive games (think along the lines of Candy Crush, console games, or even that Pokemon Go craze in 2016), means slot developers aren't just trying to entice gamblers with winning potential. They're really pushing the entertainment factor to gamers.

Expect a rise, therefore, in slots with more intricate storylines, engaging special features, and greater interaction from the player. In other words, get ready - slots are going to get even more fun!

Virtual reality: get your head in the game

And the turn towards more immersive play doesn't end there. Thanks to serious advancements in technology, virtual reality is starting to rock the online casino world. Whilst it's still relatively early doors, it's paving the way for in-game, life-like visuals and live interaction between players.

We know what you're thinking: does this mean I'm going to have to start playing with silly goggles on my face?

No. Although virtual reality headsets can really bring your gaming experience to life (and this technology is becoming more easily accessible), new devices like Google Cardboard can create a 3D impression within the game without the need for flashy headgear. Yep, technology is brilliant.

Get more when on the go: better mobile play

In this gadget-mad era, it's hard to imagine there was ever a time before the smartphone. We now live in a world where everything is available at the swipe of a screen or the touch of a button.

Online casino play is no different. With more gamers opting to play on mobile and tablet devices than ever before (and the trend looking to rise with time), online casinos are continuously tailoring their mobile sites to fully optimise on-the-go play. For example, the new mobile site has been recently boosted to run even faster than ever before.

And it's not just online casinos making changes. Game developers are beginning to release more titles exclusively for mobile platforms.

This is all good news for you. It means, from this point onwards, you'll never have to compromise a great gaming experience just because you're not playing on your computer. You'll get more on the move.

Competition's hottin' up: more for players

Greater connectivity, along with faster broadband speeds, is also leading to a sharp increase in players choosing to bet online. To serve the rise in demand, there are more online casinos to pick from. And how can they hope to stand out in such a crowded market? By grabbing your attention with awesome welcome offers, regular promotions, rewards and sweet freebies, of course!

And it's not just better casinos - you can expect better games too. With so many titles already available, game developers are constantly seeking to innovate slots with more entertaining - and lucrative! - special features to stand out from the rest. Oh yeah, it really is a great time to be a player.

All in all, whilst we can't give exact details of what the future holds, new developments in technology are promising big things for the online casino world. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for what looks to be a seriously fun new era in online entertainment.

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