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UK Casino Stocks Show Signs of Growth

UK Casino

Figures recently released by the Gambling Commission have shown a continued rise in the value of gambling, with the sector now worth £13.8 million up to September 2016.

This despite casinos facing challenges in attracting young people. Although Millennials and Gen Y are receptive to sports betting, they are not so prominent when it comes to attending casinos.

Those aged 40 and above remain the most common market for casino players. However, the movement in games, such as video game gambling and online casinos have helped to bring in younger players.

Expansion overseas has had a hugely positive effect on the fortunes of a number of UK casinos as the demand for gambling operators continues to grow abroad.

Although those investing in casino companies have not seen a huge rise in their stocks recently, the latest data suggests investors might see strong returns in the future. UK operators alone last year were believed to have made £1 billion - a 13.5% increase year-on-year.

Here's a look at some of the UK and Ireland's leading brands:

Paddy Power Betfair: PPB

Irish-British bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair, which is well known for sponsoring poker events, is seeing a largely different stock landscape compared to a number of its rivals after a somewhat turbulent year. Overall profits remain up and there is good reason to have confidence in the business.

The company has a trading high of 8,485,000 and an annual dividend yield of 1.85%.

Despite a drop in fortunes in May for the bookmaker, there has since been a steady recovery. Prices sit at 1.20% against daily trading highs and shares in the firm have increased following a response to growing revenues and exposure to both online and High Street operations.

Rank Group: RNK

One of the most recognisable names in the gambling sector today, Rank Group are responsible for the likes of the well-known Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos. Stock prices for June are close to the 30-day high at 234.70, having seen a steady rise since May. The RNK market value is currently capped at a staggering £916.93 million and the company earned £71.1 million during the 2016-17 financial year.

William Hill: WMH

One of Britain's oldest bookmakers, William Hill, has not seen gains like some gambling companies have reported, but continues to maintain a steady rise. William Hill remains a market leader in sports betting, and has a unit price high of 275.9. A £2.35 billion market cap places them at the top end of the gambling market.

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