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The History of the Casino

Casino to most people is a place to go try and get rich over night, trying their luck so they say. The casino world has evolved over the years as with the ever rapidly changing technology live casinos have not been spared as there is now online casinos that can be played in the comfort of one 's own home.

Like any other sport or game, casino started somewhere as a form of entertainment that grew as time went on. The French started it all by inventing playing cards in late 1300s. Just like any other game, various nationalities helped its development, as in the 1700s the Dutch got in on the act as they came up with the first lottery machine which I guess to many people it will be a surprise that it is still operational till this day.

The first opening of the casino is quite disputable but it is believed that it was opened in Switzerland, Baden. Casino actually means a small house and the word casino is actually Italian and from those humble beginnings the casino or gambling industry as it is now known as grown to be one of the most lucrative and large industries in the business world globally.

In 1945 a lodging place was built and today it is know as the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel was called the El Rancho-Vegas Hotel-Casino. The sin city has thus grown to be a gambler's paradise with millions of visitor's year by year. The City also hosts several international competitions, and the most popular is the poker championships that also include celebrity players. The city started of in the 1950s as a place where people got together for pleasure and with the most popular hotel at that time called casino. The word casino became a simple term meaning a place where people get together to have fun.

The casino industry has evolved from way back, from the first card playing games and the lottery machine from the Dutch till today where there are now slot machines, poker tables and several other games, the industry is certain to continue for centuries more. It has already shown its competence to move with the times (online casinos).

The industry is definitely here to overstay for a long time. To all gamblers out there I say gamble responsibly. Make it a point that it does not become addictive to you. Always play with the money that you are willing to lose. Playing both live casino and online casino is very exciting and it relieves anxiety and tension if played properly. Casino may not be suitable for everyone so always play the game responsibly.

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